44 – The Burn is Infectious.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS! I hope you guys had a great start to the new year 🙂 I thought if I update today, on the first Friday of the new year, it’d bring good luck. Maybe.

But let’s get back into Jamie’s bedroom!


*proof that her next baby daddy is Jaycen*

I had Jamie drink a procreation elixir for good luck – thank you Piazzagirl1015 for providing her with one! ❤


Here’s Jamie with her youngest, seemingly about to throw up on him. Poor boy won’t be laughing for long.


It’s not often that I get them together, so I just had to- I mean- LOOK AT HER FACE! :’D Lola is stuffing her face while Jamie complains about her morning sickness. Their mother-daughter bonding time sure is precious.


I *think* this is Lola off to her new job at the bookstore. I can’t remember if I mentioned this when she aged up, but she rolled the bookworm trait! She wanted a job, so this seemed like a good fit.


*sigh* Like mother like daughter, I guess. Jamie sucks at making potions as we all know, but Lola doesn’t look any more talented. Bless her, she’s a witch, too!


“Do you smell burning?” :O




Because I’m making you. Now get on that bike and peddle to hospital!

(It’s fine, she totally called a taxi)


It doesn’t look like it, but Jamie had twins. Two girls, called Aurora and Isabella 🙂

And this is bad news, because apparently I’m caught up! :O I have no more pictures left! :O So this chapter is gonna have to be the shortest update to date. Sorry about that. I honestly thought I had more -.- I’ll do better next time. *ahem*


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