44 – The Burn is Infectious.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS! I hope you guys had a great start to the new year πŸ™‚ I thought if I update today, on the first Friday of the new year, it’d bring good luck. Maybe.

But let’s get back into Jamie’s bedroom!


*proof that her next baby daddy is Jaycen*

I had Jamie drink a procreation elixir for good luck – thank you Piazzagirl1015 for providing her with one! ❀


Here’s Jamie with her youngest, seemingly about to throw up on him. Poor boy won’t be laughing for long.


It’s not often that I get them together, so I just had to- I mean- LOOK AT HER FACE! :’D Lola is stuffing her face while Jamie complains about her morning sickness. Their mother-daughter bonding time sure is precious.


I *think* this is Lola off to her new job at the bookstore. I can’t remember if I mentioned this when she aged up, but she rolled the bookworm trait! She wanted a job, so this seemed like a good fit.


*sigh* Like mother like daughter, I guess. Jamie sucks at making potions as we all know, but Lola doesn’t look any more talented. Bless her, she’s a witch, too!


“Do you smell burning?” :O




Because I’m making you. Now get on that bike and peddle to hospital!

(It’s fine, she totally called a taxi)


It doesn’t look like it, but Jamie had twins. Two girls, called Aurora and Isabella πŸ™‚

And this is bad news, because apparently I’m caught up! :O I have no more pictures left! :O So this chapter is gonna have to be the shortest update to date. Sorry about that. I honestly thought I had more -.- I’ll do better next time. *ahem*


43 – Kaito’s Scheming Face

Not to worry anyone but this save threw Error Code 12 at me. I fixed it and it’s working fine now (unless I just jinxed it…) but you may wanna prey for Jamie.

Anyway, back to her and her babies!


Kaito is up to something. Look at that shifty face!

“Yes. I do believe it’s time to put my plans into motion.”

Might be an idea to stay away from him for a while.


Carter grew up into a toddler and did the adorable derp thing. BUT LOOK HOW CUTE HE CAN BE!



Doesn’t he just melt you? ❀ Carter really adores Pat so Jamie is gonna have to put more effort into the potion making skill. Anything for that face ❀


He’s got a whole bathroom to himself, too, the spoiled little brat. I’d like to think it’s because every kid gets their own bathroom (they’re all spoiled little brats) but this is actually the big bathroom on the ground floor. I figured if Carter is going to spend a lot of time downstairs I might as well put a potty in there. It’s faster and easier than making Jamie carry him upstairs every time – now, if only my sims applied logic more often…


“Bitch, I’m fabulous.”

Cricket sure is a lucky girl!

“The sun, it feels so good!”


This can’t possibly end badly.



creepy doll: “….”

(Why do they just stare in silence so often??)


Lola knows how to live!! Ice cream for breakfast? Yes, please! πŸ˜€

It was her birthday. I do usually try to create some resemblance of a normal life under Jamie’s erratic mothership, but if you can’t have ice cream for breakfast on your birthday, when can you?


Jamie provided the entertainment, and played the most aggressive guitar solo ever known to simkind.


Old chap: “I just got divorced, you know…”

Jamie: “Ahem! My eyes are up here?”

Since when does she care?? Isn’t this was she does??


N’aww :3 We’re getting closer to his plan, by the way. (You know, that thing he was plotting at the beginning.) Bear with me. Nearly there.


Lola aged up, and…


Taadaa! I’ll include a picture of her after her makeover next time πŸ™‚ One of you might have to poke me so I remember, though. She also grew up with the Bookworm trait which made me happy πŸ™‚


Jamie: “Would you like nachos for your birthday lunch?”

Lola: “I think I’m ready for babies now.”

HOW ABOUT NO! You’d think growing up under Jamie would put anyone off -.-


This guy came over, and I made them flirt since she seemed to like him. No idea what his name is, though! If this goes anywhere I’ll make a note.


Jamie had a visitor, too. This is Jaycen Hendrix, her next baby daddy πŸ™‚ He was a little reluctant, but she got there. She has her ways.


Meanwhile, Kaito got stuck in a car’s bonnet.

“Order anything you like. I’m paying!”

Cricket: “Are you all right, Kai?”

He wiggled himself out eventually, and they had lunch. And then, finally, at long last, he put his master plan into action:


Aren’t they the sweetest?? πŸ˜€ It’s been a while since one of Jamie’s babies had a boyfriend/girlfriend and got married after school, so I’m gonna throw them a big party :3

42 – The Prettiest Cricket


Pat: “And then I ate food for the first time, and it was awesome! I’m going to eat all of the food! Oh, and last night I slept in a real bed for the first time, it was sooo soft, and-”


“Hmh. That’s fascinating. Please, do go on.”

Judging by the look on her face, Lola is wondering why she doesn’t just bury it. I thought I’d leave the doll out so she can marry her IF, but Jamie is a bit slow on that front. Every time I send her to learn the potion making thing, something explodes in her face and because that seems like a health and safety hazard, she’s not allowed anywhere near it while she’s pregnant.

“Let’s do something fun! Let’s swim in the pool!”

Lola: “Erm… Aren’t you made of fabric?” *creepy blank stare* “Okay, sure. Let’s swim in the pool.”


Jamie is really loving said pool ❀ She’s not loving the pool side bar as much as I thought she would, but at least she’s making use of some of the expensive garden set-up. Especially the waterfall. They’re all losing it for that waterfall.


Why isn’t that creepy doll drowning!? Shouldn’t he soak up all of the water and get dragged down by his own weight?

Pat: “I’m magic!”

No. You’re creepy and unnatural.

(Not that I was trying to drown him/her/it… I just found them like that, and it raised a lot of questions.)


*compulsory pic of Jamie being pregnant again*


Lola and Kaito decided to throw water ballons at each other ❀ I love it when her kids spend time together without me needing to force it, but you could argue that this wasn’t a fair fight.


Lola got hit pretty bad πŸ˜€ Several times πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I guess that’s what happens when you get challenged by a teenage vampire, who has superior speed, strength, and… throw.

They still left as better friends than they were before Kaito assaulted her with water balloons, so I guess she’s okay.


Wait, did I say somewhere that Jamie doesn’t work on her potion making skill while she’s pregnant? … *goes back to check* Huh. I did. Never mind, I crossed it out now. I guess neither I nor Jamie care that much πŸ˜› It’s probably happened before when she was pregnant with Jordan, and he turned out fine, so… *ahem*


I’m not sure if there’s a problem with her potion making skill besides her not quite coming to grips with itΒ Actually, that’s exactly the problem. She’s got her logic skill to lvl 7, all through using that little potion making station, and she’s only learned the most basic potion from it. Is that normal? Shouldn’t she have learned something else by now, or can only kids get all the potions from it?

Anyone? :/


Yay, labour time! πŸ˜€

But onto more important things first-


Her name is Cricket, and she’s perfect ❀ Well done, EA! Well done :3

She came home after school with Kaito one day, and he’ll marry her and they’ll be in very real love with each other. It won’t be forced at all just because I adore her pretty face. They will be eternally happy with each other :3


Back to Jamie. Jamie gave birth to a little boy named Carter πŸ™‚ I can’t remember his traits (I might just be a worse Mum than Jamie…) so that’ll have to wait ^^

(Also, apologies for the super long delay. Who knew writing 50K words in 22 days would keep me so busy? (I’m doing NaNo minus the weekends) I hope me posting on a Sunday makes up for it πŸ™‚ )

41 – A Brand New Hunting Ground

Gosh, I sure wish I’d made notes! It’s been so long :O

Can I just say- Β by this point you’re clearly not here for my consistency, so thank you for staying around anyway!! πŸ˜€ Jamie and I appreciate it ❀


I feel like I’ve mentioned this in the last update (note to self: re-read last updates before writing a new one), but I gave Jamie a makeover. Her jumper was a bit too warm for the hot, constant summer of Lucky Palms, so I gave her a light dress instead and tied back her hair in a pretty bun πŸ™‚ Now she just needs a tan and she’ll fit right in! I imagine she’ll spend a lot of time at her poolside bar, so that tan shouldn’t take too long πŸ˜€


I sent Jamie to check on her online dating profile, and I think it had been deleted or something because of the move, so I made her sign up for a new one instead.


Jamie being Jamie she followed her failed man hunt with a short jamming session in the kitchen. I’m not sure which one of her kids forgot their guitar, but Jamie never actually had her own instrument. (Or did she? I can’t remember! HELP ME!)

(I just checked, and I did take notes, by the way – for chapters 42 and 43. No help for this one whatsoever)


Kaito had his birthday on their first full day in Lucky Palms, so the birthday party was small. Just him and Jamie, since Lola was too young to waddle down the stairs herself.


Before make-over….


…. and after make-over!

I’ll have to get his traits next time I’m in game πŸ˜›


Little Lola aged up next, and…


Kaito: “Woo, glitch!!”

Yeah, great. I’ll pretend it’s Lola working her toddler magic on Jamie to get them both closer to the cake.


Don’t you just love their cross-eyed cuteness? ❀


She grew into a really pretty little girl. Watch out, Lucky Palms! She’ll be a beautiful young lady eventually, and I’m not planning on holding her back!


Since Kaito is a teen now I got him working on his skills right away. He’s into art but I always saw him with muscles (it’s a creepy image for a toddler, let me tell ya), so he’ll be working on both, athletics and painting.

Meanwhile, I sent Jamie to stake out her new hunting grounds. Right behind their house there’s this beautiful park with all these fountains which would be ideal, only…


… no one showed up :/ Jamie stayed there for a while but she remained the only one, so I eventually had to rethink.


(I can’t remember the name, but) I sent her to this hip, young bar, hoping that people would be more likely to hang out there, and guess what?


She instantly ran into Darren Dreamer!! The one guy I wanted her to have a baby with! πŸ˜€ And look! LOOK! THEY FANCY EACH OTHER!

Jamie: “I’m a rich business woman!”

You’reΒ really not. Not that it matters, he’s not exactly in for the long run.


She talked him into coming over right away. With Kaito a teenager now and her youngest already going to school she can’t waste time.

Jamie: “You may have heard of me, actually. I’m a pretty famous writer.”

Kaito: “Oh Lord, this is happening again, is it?”


“Don’t listen to him, Big D. Pretend he’s not even here.”

Jamie knows what she’s talking about, Darren, she ignores her kids all the time.

Next week I forget what happens, but Jamie probably gives birth and Kaito meets a girl! πŸ˜€


Just so you guys know: I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year so I won’t have a lot of time next month. I know this isn’t great timing since this update was already a long time coming, but I’ll try to squeeze them in here and there since they are short and easy to write πŸ™‚

40 – New Home, New Prey


Jamie: “Am I forgetting something? I feel like… Yeah, I’m totally missing something.”

Kaito:Β How did she survive this long?

Tyree: *sigh* “I got it.”


Maybe I should move him in permanently? At least with him around the kids might stand a chance.


Say buh-bye to this house, everyone! πŸ˜€


Say buh-bye to your incompletely furnished house, Jamie! ^-^

She didn’t react the way I thought she’d react-


Lola: ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tyree: “Should I have put her into a baby seat?”


Maybe him being around wouldn’t make such a big difference, after all.

But anyway, back to Jamie’s reaction-


“I’m okay. This is the best thing for me right now.”

Of course it is, honey. Just think of all the sunshine you’re heading into!

*sigh* “This sure was a nice house. All my babies are here.” 😦

(Just kidding, I doubt she cares about the latter.)

“My bar is here!”

That’s more like it!


Say hello to their new address! Tyree moved out right away, so it’s just the three of them πŸ™‚

I can’t remember the exact address, but it’s in Lucky Palms and there’s this really pretty park with all these water fountains right behind their house! ❀


N’aww ❀


Say hi to their new house!! Let me give you a tour-


This is the back. I’ve put a lot of work into this so they’ll be here for a while πŸ™‚

No moving until I get sick of looking at it.

I put in a poolside bar for Jamie, so I doubt she’ll want to move anytime soon, anyway.


Ground floor…


… 2nd floor.

If it looks barely furnished in some areas, it’s because it is πŸ™‚ They ran out of money quite quickly, mostly because I put a lot of funds into Jamie’s bedroom and balcony. I figured since she’ll be sore a lot I might as well grant her some comforts.

(… sore from the pregnancy. Obviosuly. Gawd!)


This is the brand new kitchen, which already has gone-off food in the fridge.



Dining room…


… living room…

screenshot-221 screenshot-220

…Jamie’s master bedroom…


… Jamie’s master bathroom…


… the garden, again…

(You can also see Jamie’s balcony, just up the stairs – she’s got a little seating area and a massage table, for moonlit massages)


… again, the garden…

screenshot-217 screenshot-218

As I said, I like what I did with the place πŸ™‚

I know this is only a short chapter, so apologies for that. Next week, Jamie takes a look around town, stakes out her new hunting grounds, and runs (accidentally, of course) into Darren Dreamer! πŸ™‚

39 – One Last Party in Sunset Valley


Not the birthday party. There’s one of these all the time anyway. They’re not that special.

No. The title refers to another party. But we’ll get to that in a minute πŸ™‚

As you could probably tell by Fauzia being there, it’s the triplets’ birthday!


And I forgot to get a picture of Aleeza.

Gawd, I suck at this!

I decided a while ago that their birthday would also mark the end of their time in Sunset Valley, so start saying goodbye to things NOW if you’ve formed any emotional attachments to a house I never even finished.

I forgot to take pictures before their makeovers, too -.- But here they are, after their makeovers:


Fauzia… (just in case you might mistake her for gentle, reserved Aleeza)


… Dawood…


…and Aleeza, who looks more maternal than ever. If any of you need a mum in one of your games, go right ahead! I’ve a feeling she’d be perfect.

Having said that, I am behind on updating my downloads page, but you can already get them from my studio. I’ll get to that next week hopefully to make it easier for you guys, but no promises.


N’aww ❀ Lola has really taken to her creepy doll, so once they’ve moved Jamie will give potion making another go. Without the distinct smell of burning flesh and singed hair, hopefully.

BUT! But, it’s time for the party!! Since Jamie likely won’t be able to stay in touch with her kids once I’ve moved her, I decided to throw her one last party in Sunset Valley, with the whole family. Jamie is a party animal, too, so this should suit her on many levels.

It didn’t go as planned.


Sophia: “BOO, Kaito! BOO vampires!”

Jeez, girl, he’s still your br-

Sophia: “BOOOOO!”

Okay 😦

Daniel: “Awesome, my favourite chair is still here!”



You can loot it once they’ve left.


Yana was getting her boogie on…


… and Jamie went all nostalgic on me.

Leo: “Hi Mum!” πŸ˜€

Jamie: “Not now, love, Mumma needs a moment.”



I think Bella might like to know about this.



He feels very strongly about this house. I had no idea 😦 Maybe he should have inherited it? I have regrets now. I should have moved him in before I moved Jamie out.

I had no idea he was so attached to it 😦


Tyree sums it up well – everyone enjoyed the party, and Jamie went out with a bang! πŸ˜€

(hehe…. not that kind of bang!)

It’s REALLY hard to get a good family picture of Jamie’s horde, by the way. There’s just too many of them! So here’s the best I could do without posing all of them:


And so her time in Sunset Valley ends! :O Next week I’ll show off her new house, complete with poolside bar and walls which turn pink during the sunset.

It’s a magical place all right.

38 – No Sand in Lucky Palms


I’ve played TS3 for years now, and I’m still finding things I haven’t come across before. Like this game Jamie started playing autonomously.

It didn’t last long and she moved on to watch TV.


“Say ladybird, Lola!”


πŸ˜€ I knew she was a clever one ❀


As you know from the last update, Fauzia got a job with the local criminal gang. She works nights and doesn’t come back home until midnight, so she doesn’t get a lot of sleep before I make her get up again for school. I let her nap quite often during the day so that she isn’t too exhausted for her job or for school, but usually she doesn’t sleep enough to make the bar turn green. On top of that she doesn’t get weekends, which makes it a rough work schedule.

Which is why I thought this was brave:


Kaito didn’t care, and played a game while Fauzia was trying to nap.

Fauzia: “What the-”



Fauzia: “I HATE THIS TV!”

This is the living room. If she wanted an undisturbed nap, she should have used her own bed, not the living room everyone is allowed to use. Still, I’m not sure if I would have pissed her off, but Kaito is a vampire, he could probably take her.

Dawood: “Do I hear the TV?” πŸ™‚


Jamie: “So, Kaito, that’s why you have so many brothers and sisters! Mummy signed on for this science experiment, and needs to-”


“Ima test turb baby!” πŸ˜€

Not quite. I thought Jamie told them too much about her scientific experiment, but maybe she didn’t say enough.


Derpiness aside, Aleeza’s motherly side is shining more every day. She’s usually looking after Lola when Jamie lets her, but she’s also started cooking for everyone. I thought she might have found her calling, when she rolled this:

IoJ Note3

It must have been inspired by her school activity, she was in the Newspaper Club there. And of course she did practice her writing skill here and there, too!


Fauzia, on the other hand, didn’t really work on any skills, so I made her work on her painting since it’s a ‘requirement’ for her job.

She doesn’t look convinced.

“Is this how I hold the brush?”

It’s art, dear, you can fling it at the canvas from across the room if you like.


Upstairs, the brothers had a sweet moment.

Dawood: “And then the bunny said to the wizard ‘No, Mr. Blue, I won’t get into your hat!'”

Kaito: “Interesting!”

It’s a shame they chose Aleeza’s bed for it.


“How am I supposed to get to sleep now?”

I did have my concerns when they walked to her bed but I thought maybe she wouldn’t want to go to bed immediately, and they’d be fine.


He’s a little too young for this, but I have a feeling he’ll break hearts when he’s older.

Preferably not from Aleeza’s bed, though.


Lola really loves her oldest brother ❀


As I mentioned above, Aleeza has been in the Newspaper Club, and had an awards ceremony to go to. Since many of my teenagers don’t do much with their lives and Aleeza has juggled school, the club, and acting as a mother to Lola (and recently also cooking for people) I thought she’d earned a bit of recognition.

Although, I don’t think Jamie made it. Dawood was there, though!


Kaito voiced the wish to paint, so I let him. I did have other plans for him, but I don’t see why he can’t do both. Painting is recreational as well as therapeutic, and with Jamie as his mother he might well need the therapy.


Jamie showed an unexpected interest in the sandbox. You know, that thing they’ve had for ages? I don’t know why she suddenly cared now, but it might be because she knows they’re about to move and she won’t get to build sandcastles then.

Because there’s no sand in Lucky Palms.


This is only here because it’s cute proof that Jamie can totally look every bit like a caring, doting mother when she wants to.

She was doing so well, and I was actually quite pleased with her, when this happened:

IoJ Note2

Well, this is awkward!

I think I promised it, but she’ll have a bit of a wait before I let her do anything about it.

I’m not even sure where that came from, it’s so random!


Lola: “Hello!”

Hello, pretty new favourite ❀


Fauzia couldn’t look less threatening.

It was time for their prom, and all three of them hadn’t bothered to wash their faces before they left the house.


So they went to their big dance as a sparkly fairy, a pirate, and whatever it is Aleeza wants to be.


Note how Aleeza and Dawood keep their distance from Fauzia.

I imagine Aleeza especially will be glad to move out and have her own space away from her evil triplet.

IoJ Note4

Sounds about right!

IoJ Note6

Brave kid! :O If I get a notification about him mysteriously disappearing or dying for no reason, I’ll let you know.

IoJ Note5


I’ve never even heard of the kid before! :O How do these people only show up in time for prom? They don’t even know each other!

But I suppose if Dawood is happy.. As long as he remembers the most important lesson watching TV should have taught him: You can’t marry a man you only just met!

In the next chapter the triplets will age up. I was torn for a while between moving them to Lucky Palms with Jamie, and then kicking them out, or kicking them out here and only moving Jamie, the two kids and the hot vampire. I decided on the latter because Lucky Palms is going to get overrun with her children soon enough as it is.

Besides the birthday party, Jamie will throw one last party with all her kids, and then she’ll move πŸ™‚

Oh, and also… The triplets have been uploaded to the studio as well as to MediaFire now πŸ™‚ I still need to add the links to the downloads page, but you can already find them on my sims account’s studio if you can’t wait that long (I’ll probably get around to it tomorrow, on Saturday). Aleeza and Fauzia have jobs, too!